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Quality in detail The starting signal for Scheuering & Partner in Munich as an accounting and tax consulting firm was given in 1986. From the beginning, it was our aim to work out the best solutions for the specific requirements of our clients, to advise them competently and to relieve them of various tasks. In the course of time, we were able to build up a relationship of mutual trust with our clients. Our office provides services in all classic areas of tax consulting and accounting. All auditing services are handled by our own auditing company, Standard Consult GmbH. We see ourselves as a service provider in the best sense – with long-standing know-how and sensitiveness. Our helpful teams take care of our clients personally and individually – in daily business as well as in long-term strategic planning. Our clients originate from the handicraft, the producing trade, the trade and the service. Likewise self-employed persons and private people belong to. We care for all forms of business organization and on the right of any order of magnitude as well as domestic subsidiaries of foreign companies. Our clients use us with voluntary and statuary audits. Our comprehensive service guarantees highest quality and reliability. A team, which finds answers to your questions.